Go on tour with Glenn Beck and David Barton. As you witness the covenants made by the pilgrams and George Washington. Tour Boston, Plymath, the statue of our four fathers, then in New York visit Federal Hall, St. Paul's Cathedral, Ellis Island, and the 09/11 memorial. Then travel to Phillidelphia where our founding fahters penned our constitution. Visit the Liberty Bell, and have a fun lunch at Redding Station. Then visit the historical Masonic Temple of George Washington. 


After this we will travel to Gettysburg where we will have a fantastic Gala dinner to end our tour at the historic Gettysburg hotel. Your package also includes hotel nights for the rest of the event nights, as well as admission to the steaming into history train ride. There will be the main restoring covenant event, break out sessions with headliners and much more. 


Premier Tour Package with Glenn Beck (package price based on room occupancy)

SKU: Premier

    Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington DC 

    June 29 - July 5, 2020